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    My boyfriend ordered this notebook off etsy for me for my birthday and I got it in the mail today and everything waS CUTER THAN EXPECTED

    I opened up the package and in it was a cute little handwritten thank you note from the maker (Phyllis Smith) that said “I also included something extra that I hope you like” and it turns out she also sent me a cute little canvas business card holder!! EVERYTHING WAS CUTE AND NOTHING HURT AND MY HEART WAS WARMED

    There’s a version of this notebook for sale for $7 with a red background here, and she has a whole bunch of cute notebooks and little bags for sale too.

    I got this pocket mirror today solely because it reminded me of all the phoenixes from Message in a Haunted Mansion I’M A BIG DORK

    I got this pocket mirror today solely because it reminded me of all the phoenixes from Message in a Haunted Mansion I’M A BIG DORK

    I picked this up the other day at Barnes & Noble! The one I went to only had this one and The Bungalow Mystery and I kinda liked the cover art for that one better than this one, but I already own a copy of The Bungalow Mystery. I thought they might update the illustrations with these new covers, but they have the old illustrations and old typeface (not a criticism, just an observation, I really like typefaces that look oldy-timey).

    We had a lot of fun and lots of great pieces of writing last time, so I decided to do this again! It’s pretty simple.

    The rules are:

    This will start on the 1st of June, and end on the 30th.

    You must use these prompts.

    You should try and post three times a week - If you want, you could start now, and queue them up for June. 

    The stories don’t have to be too long - they can be short stories.

    Any ships, or no ships at all, it’s all good. Also they can be based on the books or the games.

    If you do use the games as a basis, please put a note saying if there are spoilers. 

    The tag will be cluecrewfanfics.

    Any questions? Message me.

    I’m not much of a writer but this looks like fun!

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    iwantakokokringle said: Alibi in Ashes


    Least Favorite: Having to go through Nancy every time you wanna switch characters blegh


    You guys should send me a game/games in my ask and I will say my favorite/least favorite thing about them!

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    I dunno if anybody would remember this but last year there was a post going around the Clue Crew about a different early-mid 1900’s girl detective that was sort of like a more badass version of Nancy and I cannot for the life of me remember her name. Please let me know if you remember her name or the author, thanks!!

    Anonymous said: It did help, thank you! Also I found the code (I ordered from Her, just for everyone else's reference).

    You’re welcome! :D

    Anonymous said: Follow up question. So I ordered the physical copy of spy but I have no clue about the free code thing. Would that be in my email somewhere, or did it come with the game or what? Sorry for so many questions.

    No problem! :) Although I think it might make a difference if you ordered your copy from the Her website? I think the code is supposed to encourage people to order directly from them if they don’t usually do so. I got my copy from Target so I dunno if it’s the same for copies ordered directly from them. But the code is on the back of the booklet that has the installation info that came inside the case, on the back of it is a letter to the fans from the CEO and the code is printed near the end of the letter. I hope this is helpful!

    Anonymous said: What do you mean about Her giving out a free shipping code for spy?

    The physical copy of SPY comes with a free shipping code for an order of a physical copy of a game from the Her Interactive online store for first-time customers.